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Time travel with
VR Guide Me

If you could dream of going back in time and reliving a moment in history, what would it be? Doesn’t sound like a great idea?

In VR Guide Me we are a team of professionals that combine art, history and technology. Our purpose is to take you on a journey back in time and make this experience unforgettable!

VR Guide Me Prague

How was the experience?

Soy AriFrancoSoy AriFranco
16:55 26 Oct 22
This experience was so rich and interesting, completely different from any other tour, is just amazing, great guides, and super fun! You must try, is a must in Prague!
Philippe MartinPhilippe Martin
17:43 06 Aug 22
Great guided tour for the whole family enriched with virtual images from the past
Martín GarisMartín Garis
11:18 16 May 22
An incredible way to take a tour and learn about the history of the city. Highly recommended
Julia KirszmanJulia Kirszman
18:02 15 May 22
It was wonderful to experience Prague in a new way, to be able to compare the past and the present. The guide was also very nice and provided a lot of information
Sol GarciaSol Garcia
17:46 15 May 22
Very nice experience! It's super interesting seeing Prague's history through the lenses and compare it to what's really in front of you. Recommended tour!

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