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Sina BaumannSina Baumann
15:12 19 Sep 23
¡Muy emocionante!
Cata LavandeiraCata Lavandeira
10:59 27 Aug 23
Gabi fue una guía increíble. Quería hacer el recorrido un día que no tuvieran suficiente gente. Ella fue muy amable y me ofreció muchas posibilidades para que pudiera disfrutar de la experiencia. Finalmente encontramos el día perfecto y, a pesar de que llovió un poco, fue un recorrido genial. Aprendí mucho sobre la historia de Praga y me divertí mucho.¡Gracias Gabi y equipo! ¡No puedo esperar para probarlo en otra ciudad!
Izaro MaguregiIzaro Maguregi
18:19 17 Aug 23
Experiencia inmersiva! Absolutamente recomendable. Este tour te ofrece la posibilidad de descubrir ciertos puntos clave de Praha en la actualidad y al mismo tiempo ver, sentir y escuchar el pasado como si estuvieras allí. La pasión y la cercanía de Gaby no te deja indiferente ya que es una guía excepcional. Eskerrik asko o...díky!
Kristian MejstříkKristian Mejstřík
20:45 14 Aug 23
Monika VítkováMonika Vítková
19:41 14 Aug 23
Un gran paseo por Praga... la historia un poco diferente. Todo el grupo se divirtió mucho 🩷
19:39 14 Aug 23
Muy buena guía, recorrido interesante, muy recomendable 😀
Kristýna DvořákováKristýna Dvořáková
19:36 14 Aug 23
Gilbert Lara GuerreroGilbert Lara Guerrero
10:45 19 Jun 23
Todo me ha gustado muchísimo, la realidad virtual te lleva a otra dimensión, la experiencia es fantástica ya que estás dentro de la historia. Repetiría sin dudarlo. Gracias por todo.
Ha sido genial, es fantástico poder ver la historia en el momento que se produjo. Si hubiese más tour así los haría sin dudar. Enhorabuena me he encantado.
Goldanel g.p.Goldanel g.p.
16:01 22 Apr 23
Totally recommend!Very friendly and a very nice and new way to walk and get to know the history of a city.Experiencia para repetir, los VR le añaden una nueva y muy recomendable forma de conocer la historia de la ciudad. Para repetir!
Silvina DumanskiSilvina Dumanski
19:19 10 Apr 23
¡INCREÍBLE! SÚPER RECOMENDABLE. Una experiencia única si queres transportarte al pasado en un viaje de 2 horas! El guía espectacular, Marco es muy carismático, atento y con un relato histórico muy enriquecedor. Sin dudas lo volvería a elegir.Saludos desde Argentina 😊
18:15 02 Jan 23
Estupenda visita a Praga con Marcos. MUY reccomendable para quien quiera conocer Praga con todo detalle y disfrutar de una experiencia única con uno de los mejores guias que he podido compartir en mis viajes. Muy enriquecedor, amable, y un encanto de petsona. Genial! No se lo pierdan!
Jorge GraciaJorge Gracia
20:03 30 Dec 22
Una experiencia diferente.. muy recomendable. El guía Marco genial!!!
12:01 30 Dec 22
Increíble reality tour del ayer y de hoy con estas gafas 3D que te trasladan a vivirlo con intensidad a lo largo de los siglos. Un tour diferente adaptado a las nuevas tecnologías con el mejor guía, Marco, sin duda repetiremos
Carlos LertauCarlos Lertau
11:49 30 Dec 22
La manera más didáctica de conocer en profundidad la historia checa. 100% recomendable
M. I.M. I.
06:13 16 Sep 22
Un tour muy recomendable. Es una forma de aprender lo ocurrido en esta ciudad de una forma divertida y muy original. Te transporta al momento de los hechos. Fue una experiencia muy divertida e instructiva.
08:05 16 May 22
Estuvo muy bueno!Me gusto la forma en la que estan presentadas las cosas, es otra forma de ver la historia y te sumerge en los acontecimientos! :)
Sina BaumannSina Baumann
15:12 19 Sep 23
Very exciting!
Cata LavandeiraCata Lavandeira
10:59 27 Aug 23
Gabi was an amazing guide. I wanted to do the tour on a day they did not have enough people. She was very nice and offered many possibilities so I could enjoy the experience. We finally found the perfect day and despite being a little rainy, it was a very cool tour. I learned a lot about the history of Prague and had so much fun.Thank you Gabi and team! Can’t wait to try it out in another city!
Izaro MaguregiIzaro Maguregi
18:19 17 Aug 23
Immersive experience! Absolutely recommended. This tour offers you the possibility to discover certain highlights of Praha today and at the same time see, feel and hear the past as if you were there. Gaby's passion and closeness does not leave you indifferent as she is an exceptional guide. Eskerrik asko o...díky!
Kristian MejstříkKristian Mejstřík
20:45 14 Aug 23
Monika VítkováMonika Vítková
19:41 14 Aug 23
A great walk through Prague... history a little differently. The whole group had a lot of fun 🩷
19:39 14 Aug 23
Very nice guide, interesting tour, highly recommend😀
Kristýna DvořákováKristýna Dvořáková
19:36 14 Aug 23
11:32 29 Jul 23
Not to be missed. Marco was an excellent guide and the VR added a whole new layer to the experience. Highly recommend.
Jim PartouJim Partou
20:50 24 Jun 23
Stayed in Prague for a short trip and came across this fantastic tour. Top class experience!!! Many thanks to Marco the creator of this VR tour!Marco is incredibly passionate, friendly and knowledgeable!! We stopped at the historical sites in Prague you then use the VR headsets and this is where the experience is like no other. I would thoroughly recommend.
Susanne EkSusanne Ek
11:33 16 Jun 23
A great way of learn about the history and buildings in Prague. Our guide Marco was a great storyteller and shared many interesting facts about CZ history. We really recommend this tour as it feels like you are experiencing moments in history 😍Thanks for a great tourSusanne & Lukas
Natalia CesareoNatalia Cesareo
12:37 30 May 23
We loved it! My sister and I were looking for different way to experiance Prague and we came across VR Guide me. It was very interesting and Marco showed us places and talk about different historical events than usual "Old Town" guides. Marco was a kind, professional and patience describing and translating for our multi language group tour. Definitely recommend VR Tour!
Oliver DonoghueOliver Donoghue
12:20 24 May 23
Went with family on Marcos VR tour of Prague. Having lied here for a number of years I thought I was relatively knowledgeable, but he showed me how little I know. His knowledge of the city and its history as well as European history was incredibly impressive. This is not a tour where the guide only knows key points of stop-off areas. He is a full walking encyclopaedia!The VR part was really cool. Adding an extra dimension. You are stepping back in time, at the exact location you are standing.I thoroughly recommend it for all ages. We had young and older in our group and everyone really enjoyed it and found it very engaging.
Laysa KhiderLaysa Khider
08:24 24 May 23
Amazing expérience!! Marco is passionate about what he does and the team has a great positive energy! We litteraly traveled in time at each stop ! The quality of the images is incredible, every detail is important and is charged with meaning and history ! It is the best way to visit the city and learn but mostly integrate the history of this amazing city ! We absolutely recommend it for foreigners but also locals . Thank you so much for this memorable experience, Laysa K.
Gaëlle MalandainGaëlle Malandain
09:09 23 May 23
Amazing experience, it is really something to do! A great way to discover the city and learn about the history of Prague.I was very impressed by the experience and the details brought by the guide - who, you could tell, is passionate about his job.
Philipp SchädlerPhilipp Schädler
16:42 18 May 23
This afternoon we had a wonderful virtual reality tour with our guide Lenka through the history of Prague. The virtual reality experience was really great, and we highly enjoyed the tour! We can only recommend to have the tour once you’re in Prague!
Tina NovákováTina Nováková
17:03 12 May 23
Amazing tour if you are up to trying something new and modern! However, be prepare to walk for 2 hours so I recommend taking water with you :). Enjoy beautiful Prague!
12:12 12 Apr 23
Would definitely recommend! The guide was very nice and funny and knew a lot about the history of Prague. The VR was very cool and an interesting addition to the experience. Additionally, our guide provided us with valuable recommendations for other must-see attractions in Prague.
Incredible experience ever in Prague 🤗🤗 Had amazing guide Gabriela (Gaby) explaining every detail as if we literally on that century! 😍🤗 Totally recommended 200%!!
Tomas BlankenhornTomas Blankenhorn
21:32 11 Feb 23
The best tour in Prague! By far.. must do for everyone visiting the best city!
Martin BlankenhornMartin Blankenhorn
21:21 11 Feb 23
I went as a recommendation by a friend and it was an absolutely great tour, being able to live the past as you were there is great. The tour guide tells the story while you immerse yourself in the past. Definitely a try!
Niko CasalterNiko Casalter
12:26 04 Feb 23
Marco is very friendly and provides a familiar insight into Czech history. Totally recommendable! Try it out. :-)
Paola PanicciaPaola Paniccia
22:30 12 Dec 22
Definitely worth it! The guide is amazing, it lets you really dive into the city’s secrets and hidden gems. You can see stuff that doesn’t exist anymore, and you’d never be able to see without VR. It’s totally different from a usual city tour!
Sarka KacabovaSarka Kacabova
07:14 11 Dec 22
Our team of professional local guides took this VR tour and we were amazed how the project creator designed and tuned all the details. Take a walking tour with our guide and compare the image of the past with the present using VR technology. ... enjoy the pictures and sounds, feel the emotions.Thank you Marco Lueg for your hard work! Even our PersonalPragueGuideS were surprised by the level of history details in the VR game. Good job. Create more!
Soy AriFrancoSoy AriFranco
16:55 26 Oct 22
This experience was so rich and interesting, completely different from any other tour, is just amazing, great guides, and super fun! You must try, is a must in Prague!
Martina HinksMartina Hinks
20:31 24 Oct 22
Unique experience and a great way to be drawn into some crucial moments of Czech history. Highly recommended!
Philippe MartinPhilippe Martin
17:43 06 Aug 22
Great guided tour for the whole family enriched with virtual images from the past
Martín GarisMartín Garis
11:18 16 May 22
An incredible way to take a tour and learn about the history of the city. Highly recommended
Julia KirszmanJulia Kirszman
18:02 15 May 22
It was wonderful to experience Prague in a new way, to be able to compare the past and the present. The guide was also very nice and provided a lot of information
Sol GarciaSol Garcia
17:46 15 May 22
Very nice experience! It's super interesting seeing Prague's history through the lenses and compare it to what's really in front of you. Recommended tour!

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