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Experience the beauty of Prague in a more intimate way with our private tours. Explore the city’s Old and New Town with a private and official guide who will take you on a journey through the history and culture of this stunning city.

About the activity

Cancel the tour up to 24 hours before the start of the activity and receive a full refund.

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English, Spanish, German and Czech (check the booking calendar to confirm the language) *For other languages please contact us.

Gallery of Steel Figures (Celetná 15 Street) Click here to go to Google Maps. Pickup in Hotel is also possible.

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What does the experience include?

Itinerary (We can also create a tailor-made tour for you)


Mapa recorrido del tour

What will you do?

  • Discover Prague’s Old Town and New Town with a local private guide
  • Explore hidden gems and city secrets in over 700 years of Czech history
  • Enjoy a journey through time in six historical VR moments
  • Compare the amazing past with the present using VR technology
  •  We will discuss unique events in Prague such as the First Defenestration, the Prague Spring and Operation Anthropoid

Detail of the route

Discover the hidden corners of Prague on this three-hour private tour. Visit the Old and New Town of Prague visiting iconic places such as the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock. Gain a better understanding of history through virtual reality historical scenarios. Arriving at predetermined locations, you will put on the glasses to compare the amazing past with the present.

We will start the tour very close to the Powder Tower. Arriving at the VR stops, you will be able to travel back in time to see what the Old Town Square looked like 120 years ago, witness the cause of great wars in the Middle Ages, see how Soviet tanks entered the city during the Prague Spring and learn first-hand about Operation Anthropoid. A mission in which Czechoslovak soldiers were to assassinate the famous Butcher of Prague.

Learn about the history of the city from your expert local guide as you experience these moments for yourself through virtual reality. When you take off your glasses, compare the amazing difference in the buildings and gain a better understanding of some of the most striking moments in history.

The tour will end near the iconic Dancing House, next to one of the city’s most beautiful promenades on the banks of the Vltava River.


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Reviews of our private tour in Prague

Anička Jandová
Anička Jandová
21:23 19 Jul 24
Jirka Flachs
Jirka Flachs
14:22 19 Jul 24
Zuzana Garelova
Zuzana Garelova
14:35 12 Jul 24
The tour of Prague was inspiring and interesting, despite the fact that we go to Prague every summer, we again learned something new. VR glasses added a new dimension for us to understand historical contexts and experience those situations with our own eyes. It might be interesting to add the positive parts of the history as well.
Mariia Mazhura
Mariia Mazhura
13:16 28 Jun 24
Yeseniia Purik
Yeseniia Purik
10:51 28 Jun 24
08:26 24 Jun 24
Excellent walk and excellent guide Jelena. I really liked it, and so did my friends. Thank you
Jakub Tarant
Jakub Tarant
13:15 23 Jun 24
I got it from friends and it was great, I can only recommend it 👍
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