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About the activity

The virtual reality walking tour of Prague is an innovative and immersive way to explore the city’s rich history. This tour will take you through some of Prague’s most significant monuments and historical sites. All this using VR technology, with which you will be able to compare the past with the present during 6 stops.


  • Immersive experience
    Guided tours with virtual reality offer students an immersive and fun learning experience. The use of our VR headsets allows them to relive historical moments with their own eyes, enhancing learning through visual memory.

  • Interactive activity
    During the tour, participants will have to find the coronation jewels. They will be hidden within the virtual historical scenarios. This is a game that we make to interact and capture the students’ attention with the experience.

  • Introduction to new technologies
    With the emergence of the Metaverse, virtual reality is booming. Not only in entertainment, but also in training and education. Understanding its potential can generate new ideas about its uses and applications for the future and present.

English, Spanish, German and Czech *Other languages are also possible.

Gallery of Steel Figures (Celetná 15 Street) Click here to go to Google Maps.





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What does the experience include?



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Main themes

  • Birth of Prague with the dynasty of the Premyslites. The legend of Princess Libuše, Czech ancestors and their legacy.
  • Prague as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. The rise of the city under King Charles IV, strategic alliances and the construction of iconic monuments.
  • A Prague in conflict during the time of Jan Hus, the Hussites and the famous Defenestrations. Causing long and bloody religious wars.
  • Prague during the Belle Epoque and the Golden Age. “The rebirth of Czech feeling” with the construction of national landmark buildings and the influence of the artists of the time.
  • In-depth study of the impact of World War II and the communist era on Czech society. The importance of characters such as Alexander Dubček and Vaclav Havel, and historical events such as Operation Anthropoid.

Detail of the route

Discover the hidden corners of Prague on this two-hour guided tour. Visit the Old and New Town of Prague visiting iconic places such as the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock. Gain a better understanding of history through virtual reality historical scenarios. Arriving at predetermined locations, you will put on the glasses to compare the amazing past with the present.

We will start the tour very close to the Powder Tower. Arriving at the VR stops, you will be able to travel back in time to see what the Old Town Square looked like 120 years ago, witness the cause of great wars in the Middle Ages, see how Soviet tanks entered the city during the Prague Spring and learn first-hand about Operation Anthropoid. A mission in which Czechoslovak soldiers were to assassinate the famous Butcher of Prague.

Learn about the history of the city from your expert local guide as you experience these moments for yourself through virtual reality. When you take off your glasses, compare the amazing difference in the buildings and gain a better understanding of some of the most striking moments in history.

The tour will end near the iconic Dancing House, next to one of the city’s most beautiful promenades on the banks of the Vltava River.


Not suitable for

  • Students under 12 years old

Reviews of our VR tour in Prague

Sina Baumann
Sina Baumann
15:12 19 Sep 23
Very exciting!
Cata Lavandeira
Cata Lavandeira
10:59 27 Aug 23
Gabi was an amazing guide. I wanted to do the tour on a day they did not have enough people. She was very nice and offered many possibilities so I could enjoy the experience. We finally found the perfect day and despite being a little rainy, it was a very cool tour. I learned a lot about the history of Prague and had so much fun.Thank you Gabi and team! Can’t wait to try it out in another city!
Izaro Maguregi
Izaro Maguregi
18:19 17 Aug 23
Immersive experience! Absolutely recommended. This tour offers you the possibility to discover certain highlights of Praha today and at the same time see, feel and hear the past as if you were there. Gaby's passion and closeness does not leave you indifferent as she is an exceptional guide. Eskerrik asko o...díky!
Kristian Mejstřík
Kristian Mejstřík
20:45 14 Aug 23
Monika Vítková
Monika Vítková
19:41 14 Aug 23
A great walk through Prague... history a little differently. The whole group had a lot of fun 🩷
19:39 14 Aug 23
Very nice guide, interesting tour, highly recommend😀
Kristýna Dvořáková
Kristýna Dvořáková
19:36 14 Aug 23
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A VR guided tour is a new way of walking tours like never before. Thanks to the advancement of VR technology, we can now take you on a journey through time. Using virtual reality headsets, we will take you to experience the most important moments in history. On a walking tour, we will take you to some of Prague’s most important historical sites, where you will put on your glasses and see history with your own eyes in an audio-visual experience.

No, we use the glasses at the safe stops where we will not move and we will be able to enjoy the experience with peace of mind.

In case of light rain, you can use an umbrella. If it is a heavy storm, we will unfortunately have to postpone the tour in order to protect the health of the participants and our equipment. You can call our contact numbers for more details in case this happens.

Don’t worry, the VR glasses are suitable for use with your glasses on.

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