VR history education
in Prague

An enriching and educational experience

We have the option of an indoor or outdoor experience. For groups with students +14 we offer a tour through the streets of Prague. For students under this age, we offer an experience inside the Gallery of Steel Figures.


Metal Art

Entrance to the gallery with steel interactive artworks.



Talk about recycling and ways to make the most of it.

Historical education

Historical education with entertainment.

Virtual reality

Introduction to avant-garde technology.

How it works?

Upon entering the gallery we will give the children an education on recycling and they will be able to see the beautiful artistic sculptures that were created from scrap metal.

On the second floor, we will be waiting for them with our virtual reality goggles for an immersive historical experience. By putting on the goggles, children will be able to see the same places they visited in Prague, but years ago!

While they enjoy the scenes in 360 and with ambient sound, a person will tell them the details of the historical moment they are watching.

Children will be able to see 6 scenes:

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